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We want to help people feel better, live better and be their best. We aim to make high-quality psychological support accessible and convenient so more people can get the mental health and sleep support that they need. And we believe that we could all benefit from prioritising our own self-care and wellbeing a little more than we already do. Our approach draws on a number of different therapeutic models and is tailored to your individual needs so we can achieve the best possible outcomes for you.

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Dr Chris James

Dr Chris is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with 15 years of NHS clinical experience across a broad range of settings, from community clinics and mental health services to hospitals and a specialist Sleep Medicine service. He believes that good therapy should be empowering, focused, meaningful and effective, and built upon the strong foundation of an excellent therapeutic relationship. His flexible and integrative approach draws from a number of psychological models to create a truly personalised therapy experience.

Dr Chris’s clinical interests include anxiety-based issues, insomnia, and sleep for performance gains.

Specialist In

Mental Health And Sleep

Mental health and sleep go hand in hand. Dr Chris is a specialist in sleep psychology and was trained in sleep medicine by one of the UK’s leading somnologists. Whilst working as Principal Clinical Psychologist at an NHS Specialist Sleep Centre, he was responsible for developing and leading the Behavioural Sleep Medicine service. He has been trained by some of the world’s experts on insomnia and is currently actively involved in the UK’s first Association for Clinical Psychologists in Behavioural Sleep Medicine.

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Dr Chris qualified as a Clinical Psychologist at the University of Oxford. He is registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) and is an Associated Fellow and Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS). Dr Chris is an accredited and fully qualified clinical supervisor and provides professional and clinical supervision, consultation and training to a wide range of individuals and organisations. He continues to train and learn as part of his commitment to his ongoing professional development.

Qualifications, professional memberships and accreditations:

What To Expect

Our Process

We will always treat each client as the individual they are, as there is no ‘one size fits all’ in therapy. In order to best tailor your therapy to your needs there are some steps we follow. So if you’re new to therapy or feeling anxious, take a look at our process to see what to expect.

1. Initial phone consultation

Finding the right therapist is an important first step, so this gives you the chance to see what working with us will be like. It also gives us the opportunity to make sure we are the right fit for you. If we think someone else will better suit your needs, we will tell you.

2. Assessment and formulation

Exploration and analysis will help you to identify your personal goals and create an understanding of your issues. From mental health support to sleep disorders, we are here to help.

3. Therapy sessions

We will work together on your specific goals, using evidence-based psychological interventions, the latest psychological research and your personal formulation to help guide your therapy.

4. Progress

We will monitor your progress using rigorous, well-validated psychometric outcome measures as well as tracking your individual goals and will ask for your feedback throughout the process to ensure the best possible outcomes for you.

Our Therapy

Here To Support You

Your Journey To Good Mental Health

We help our clients work through mental health difficulties and psychological issues including anxiety, depression, panic, OCD, anger, phobias, low self-esteem, traumatic life events, self-criticism, work-related stress, loss and bereavement and relationship difficulties. Our approach is collaborative, and regular feedback from you is a crucial part of our therapy. This means we can adapt and mould your therapy to make it the best for your individual needs.

Helping You Get The Sleep You Need

We provide face-to-face (online) evidence-based treatment and support for insomnia and other sleep issues. We want everyone to get the best sleep they can, so we also provide a unique sleep optimisation programme for professionals looking to reach their peak performance.